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- Skin Check


Helios Integrative Medical Centre provides professional skin cancer checks with experienced GPs who have a special interest in the early detection of skin cancers.

New Zealand has one of the highest incidences of skin cancer in the world.

Some people are more prone to skin cancers than others, however, having a skin cancer check needs to be a priority for everyone!

Early detection can be life-saving.


FAQ About Skin Checks

How often should I get a skin check?

Your personal risk of developing a skin cancer depends on your age, skin type, the number and type of moles you have, the amount of cumulative UV light you have been exposed to, the amount of UV-related damage already evident in your skin (especially solar keratosis), your own past history of skin cancer and your family history of skin cancer.

Anyone with a past history of melanoma needs at least yearly skin checks because they have the highest personal risk in our population of developing another melanoma.

What happens if I have a suspicious skin spot?

Any skin lesions that are of concern to you or your doctor will be discussed with you.

Solar keratosis (sun spot) damage can be treated during your consultation with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen ‘freeze gun’) or prescription creams.

Your doctor may recommend taking digital photos and dermoscopy images of some of your moles so that the images can be electronically compared for change in the future.

Skin lesions that could be skin cancers will usually require skin biopsy or skin excision. If the nature of the skin lesion is not readily apparent when viewed with the dermoscope, your doctor will recommend performing a skin biopsy or skin excision so that the skin lesion can be identified more accurately by a pathology specialist.