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Nutritionists are clinically trained to assess food intake and ensure it is meeting your Personal needs for optimal health and wellbeing throughout the life stages.

What Happens when I consult a Nutritionist?

The first consultation involves a lifestyle, health, and diet assessment. The Nutritionist will discuss your health concerns, what you are wanting from the consultation, and goal setting. Advice on dietary change, portion sizes and food alternatives for those on restricted diets may be given. In some cases, detailed diet analysis using food works can be carried out. Full written diet plans and menus can also be prepared after the consultation.

The Nutritionist can also advise clients on specific eating patterns such as alkalizing diets, lower carbohydrate diets, gluten free, dairy free, low starch or fodmap diets for IBS.

What to bring with you

The Nutritionist may ask you to fill out a questionnaire before your first consultation to bring along to your first visit. Please also bring details of any supplements you may already be taking -or the actual bottles. Details of recent blood tests relevant to the consultation can also be brought along.

Common Conditions Nutritionists can work with can include:

Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Preconception Nutrition

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Fodmap diets

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Food allergy and intolerances

Celiac Disease

Microbiome enhancement

Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes/ Heart Disease  

Weight loss/weight gain

Healthy eating

Disordered eating

Exercise Nutrition


How much does it cost?

Initial Consultation (60mins) --$110

Follow on Consultation (30 mins)-$60

Additional charges may apply for detailed written diet plans and diet analysis done outside consult times.

The number of consultations needed can vary. Generally, at least one Initial consultation with one follow up to review progress. However, there is no set amount as it is up to the client to decide how to use the Services, frequently people have between 3 and 6 consultations in total

To make an appointment

Helios reception – 03 332 5702

To find out more contact Anita Roy Chaudhuri

027 284 0096

Email: anita@nfwh.co.nz

Website: eatright-nutrition.co.nz