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Naturopathy in Brief

Naturopathy is a system of healthcare with a deep history of traditional philosophies and practices, supported by modern scientific research with medically trained practitioners and a breadth of natural treatment options to serve patients. It falls within the Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) and Integrative Medicine (IM) industries.

Naturopathy is based on the principle of homeostasis - that the body can heal itself and will always strive towards good health. Naturopathic Medicine is far from a new medical paradigm. When we look to the father of all modern medicine, Hippocrates, we see all the makings of a modern naturopathic doctor. "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" is probably his most famous adage, reminding us that proper nutrition in the right balance is the key to healing and building strong healthy bodies. More recently, naturopathy has been practiced and known in Germany for centuries. Many of the principles and philosophies of modern naturopathy originated in Germany and Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.

North America is now considered the home of modern naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine where qualified graduates are licensed Naturopathic Doctors. Most New Zealand naturopathic schools are government-accredited and naturopaths here are working hard toward regulation/licensure. It is imperative that when seeing a naturopath, you make sure they are registered with the Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand association to guarantee they have the correct scientific training and ongoing education to safely work with patients. There are growing and compounding numbers of strong international naturopathic associations, ongoing naturopathic research and specialised groups and journals to support the practice of naturopathic medicine.


Naturopathic Principles

In 1989, a definition of naturopathic medicine and the description of the six naturopathic principles was formally codified and accepted internationally:

  • First, Do No Harm (primum non nocere)
  • Healing Power of Nature (vis medicatrixnaturae)
  • Treat the Cause (tolle causam)
  • Treat the Whole Person (tolle totum)
  • Doctor as Teacher (docere)
  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion


What can Naturopathy do for me?

The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and to treat the root cause of disease. For many patients, this difference in approach to health provides them with a new perspective and awareness. By addressing the root cause(s) of disease and through the appropriate use of natural therapies many patients with chronic illness have found tremendous benefits.

Naturopathic medicine treats all forms of health concerns - from paediatric to geriatric, from irritating systems to chronic illness and from the physical to the psychological. It is the approach, philosophy and training of naturopaths that sets them apart from other forms of health care.


There are typically three types of patients that seek naturopathic medical care:

  1. 1.       Patient One

Patients that are looking for disease prevention and health promotion strategies. Individuals that recognise that health doesn't just happen by chance, that it is a lifestyle choice that involves a clear understanding of the factors that affect health and how to promote it on a daily basis. These type of people, looking for health promotion as a way of life, are increasing tremendously.

  1. 2.       Patient Two

Patients that have a range of symptoms that they have been unable to address on their own or with the help of other medical/health practitioners. With naturopathic medicine's broad understanding of health and the relationship between health, life and the environment, naturopaths are often able to offer patients a new perspective and provide safe and effective ways to restore health.

  1. 3.       Patient Three

Patients that have been diagnosed with an illness and are looking for alternative, complementary/traditional treatments. Naturopathic medicine is very effective in improving quality of life for those with serious and life-threatening illnesses. It is used extensively and effectively for those patients who are looking to combine conventional and naturopathic treatments with the aim of minimising side effects to drugs, surgery or conventional treatments.


What is the cost for seeing a qualified naturopath?

As naturopathic consultations are not yet subsidised by the government, patients must personally pay the full cost of the practitioner’s time. That being said, some health insurance policies cover naturopathic visits. You may be able to claim your consultation with Stephen (and massage costs) as he is a registered provider. Cost for session times are as follows:

  • Initial consultation (90 minutes) $165
  • Detailed follow-up appointment (60 minutes) $110
  • Brief follow-up (30 minutes) $70


Naturopathic Practitioners:

Stephen Roigard – bookings can be made via: www.holisticwellness.co.nz