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Dr. Hauschka® Treatments

The skin is our largest organ and is very capable of functioning effectively – when supported by natural products. Holistic skin care recognises the body as an integrated unit in which every function such as diet, digestion and emotional balance work together to achieve harmony which is health.

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The Classic Treatment is a restorative journey beginning with a warm aromatic footbath and a lower leg and arm massage. The skin is then softened with warm compresses to cleanse and tone, then facial steam and a holistic, deep cleansing clay mask are applied.

This is followed by a unique lymph stimulation with brushes where Rita gently encourages the flow of the lymphatic system, purifying and strengthening the skin and the immune system. After a special ampoule or regenerative spray is applied a second mask, specific to the client’s needs and skin condition is applied. This is allowed to penetrate while the remaining tension and stress is massaged away from the neck and shoulder area.

Each facial is started with a comprehensive skin consultation, analysis of the skin and discussion of any condition which might be of concern. This enables Rita to determine whether the facial should be regenerative, purifying, firming or soothing. At the end of the facial each client will know exactly which products are best suited to their skin condition and how to use them correctly.

Rita is available for skin care consultations, chemical free make up advice and carries the full range of Dr. Hauschka products for sale.

Dr. Hauschka® Treatment Therapist:

Rita Noetzel

For further details / information please contact Rita on 021 2347280 or email anja3@slingshot.co.nz