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- Acupuncture/ Personal Training/ Massage

TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine originated in the ancient China and has evolved over 2500 years. TCM applies a variety of treatments like acupuncture, herbs, tuina (a style of massage), moxibustion (heat therapy) and also Lifestyle advice.

TCM is based on the theory of Yin and Yang, opposing but interdependent forces that need to be balanced to be in harmony. This includes the physical body, the emotions as well as the mind and the environment. TCM takes a holistic approach, every aspect of life is taken into account to diagnose the origin of the imbalance and to help the body to health and wellbeing.



Part of TCM is acupuncture. Acupuncture consist of inserting fine needles (0.2mm) into acupuncture points that are positioned along the 12 Meridians. These points will help the body to heal and balance itself again.


The benefits of TCM

TCM can help with a wide range of illnesses like:

headaches and migraines,

chronic/acute pain and/or inflammation

sleeping disorders

digestive disorders, reflux

and many more


How long are the Sessions ?

1st session : 1- 1 ½ H

Follow up : 30 - 45min


For further information please contact Carole Olivera

email: carole@trilogyhealth.co.nz

Cell: 021 946 561