- Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback

We appreciate you taking the time to tell us more about your experience at Helios. By contacting us to provide feedback you are helping us ensure that we are providing the best service to our patients and are meeting all of our obligations as a health care provider.

As a consumer of a health and disability support service, you have the following rights:

  • To be treated with respect, dignity and independence
  • Freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment and exploitation
  • To receive services and support of an appropriate standard
  • To effective communication
  • To make an informed choice and give informed consent

Feedback should be provided by the person who was cared for at Helios, or by the caregiver of a child.

To Provide Feedback:

Your feedback will be treated in confidence.
If you wish to discuss, please contact the Practice Manager: Ph 03 332 5702
You may wish to visit the website of the Health and Disability Commissioner: