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Cold and Flu Season


During the colder months it is important to ensure your immune system has the ability to ward off those

nasty viral infections.

To assist you Helios has a number of Weleda cough and cold remedies available:

Cold and Flu Pilules - relieve cold and flu symptoms such as fever, muscle ache, headache, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose and cough.

Chest Rub - is a warming, soothing herbal cream that helps relieve congestion in wet, chesty and bronchial coughs.

Earache Relief Oral Drops - assists in the treatment, prevention and follow-up of earache including glue ear.

Earache Drops - helps dry out mucus and relieve pain in prolonged earache and glue ear.

Sore Throat Relief (Cinnabar 6x) - for the soothing relief from acute, sore and inflamed throats.

Cinnabar 20x/Pyrit 3x - for the relief of chronic and recurring sore throats, hoarseness and loss of voice.

Bryonia 3x/Ferrum Phos. 8x - for the relief of bronchial and chesty coughs, especially in children.


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