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2015 Influenza Vaccine News

It's still summer for us, but in the Northern Hemisphere, they are experiencing one of the most severe flu seasons in several years. This is likely be mirrored in our 2015 flu season. New Zealand health officials are expecting pressure on general practices and hospitals due to influenza and flu-related complications. High levels of sickness in the community would affect everybody, not just those people who get the flu.

The 2015 flu season is likely to be severe and widespread.

The best way to protect people is flu vaccinations, good hygiene and isolation if sick.

The main flu virus this year is H3N2 and is a particularly aggressive, virulent strain.

This virus is different to previous years so no-one is immune. Vaccination is the safest option. The 2015 vaccine has been developed to specifically protect against H3N2 as well as two other flu strains.

Infants under 6 months (too young to be vaccinated) and the elderly are most at risk of flu-related death. We can help protect them by vaccinating everyone else in the community to reduce the spread of flu.

At Moorhouse Medical Centre, we are boosting our team of Authorised Vaccinator Nurses for the 2015 flu season. We want to ensure that you can be vaccinated and protected as soon as the new vaccine becomes available.

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