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Cold and Flu Season

During the colder months it is important to ensure your immune system has the ability to ward off those
nasty viral infections.
To assist you Helios has a number of Weleda cough and cold remedies available:
Cold and Flu Pilules - relieve cold and flu symptoms such as fever, muscle ache, headache, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose and cough.
Chest Rub - is a warming, soothing herbal cream that helps relieve congestion in wet, chesty and bronchial coughs.
Earache Relief Oral Drops - assists …

Mental health advice for coping after a traumatic event.

The Ministry of Health has developed two resources with 1737 to assist those in mental distress as a result of the traumatic event in Christchurch.
This resource is currently available in English and Arabic. The Ministry is working to translate these documents into multiple languages and this page will be updated as translations become available.
If over the following days and weeks, distress or stress symptoms are escalating, or you feel you are not coping, early access to help and professio…

Flu Shots 2019

Did you know that one in four New Zealanders are affected with influenza each year?
The 2019 influenza season is upon us and Helios Integrative Medical Centre  is here to help you prepare. Flu shots can be booked through our reception or you can ask your GP or nurse if you’re already scheduled to attend the clinic.
Annual influenza immunisation is the best protection you can get. Following national guidelines, we especially want to immunise those most at-risk of complications: