- Fees

New Patients enrolling with HeliosENROLLED PatientNOT ENROLLED (15 min. appointment)ACC
First Appointment (15 mins with Nurse and 15 mins with GP)$75
GP Consultation FeesENROLLED PatientNOT ENROLLED (15 min. appointment)ACC
Under 13 yearsFREE$34FREE
13 - 17 years$37$67$35
18 years and over$49$90$47
Double Appointment$125
Non NZ Resident$100 per 15 min appt.


Important Information

  • Fees are for a standard 15 minute consultation, additional fees apply for extended or double consultations.
  • Enrolment with us is free. Rates for patients who are not enrolled are higher than our standard fee.
  • A non-attendance fee of $30.00 may be charged for appointments that are cancelled without sufficient notice.
  • Follow up appointments do not attract a discount.
  • ENROLLED PATIENTS: payment is required at the time of consultation.
  • CASUAL PATIENTS: payment is required before your consultation

Please note: the Government Policy is to fund your General Practice through Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) This practice is a member of the Pegasus PHO.